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Wow Toys Police Patrol Riders, Bike And Horse Set

Wow Toys Police Patrol Riders, Bike And Horse Set

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Wow toys police patrol riders, bike and horse is great playset for boys loving adventure. Buy from India online this wow toy with two policemen, push along police bike and a horse. Kids can ride one police man on horse and another on bike with movable wheels. Kids can pretend play patrolling with these two cops and a bike and horse. Simple but cute toy. Police man after patrolling catch the gangs and put them to jail. Let Kids learn these values to protect innocent people from their childhood. This toy improves hand eye coordination and fine motor skills of kids.The police man can be interchanged on bike and horse. They can be just played with alone. This toy requires no battery.

Finally in this set you get :

  • Two policemen named John and Mickey
  • Police bike
  • Police Horse named Ella


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