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Bburago Street Fire - Fire Station Playset Toy

Bburago Street Fire - Fire Station Playset Toy

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Buy Bburago 1:43 street fire - fire station playset toy online from India at This is a good adventure toy for boys. This toy keeps children active as they assemble various parts or this grand playset. Kids arrange the card board back drop that creates the background. The petrol pump, lifting gates and road tracks form the set up. This playset comes with two die cast cars that kids would love to play with. The curved road track and plain road track form great fun part where kids can create racing stories. They would make fun with petrol pump and lifting gates. 

The adventure part is that the playset comes with a mock fire. Kids have a little water hose which can be filled with real water. As kids declare the fire, they reach the destination with water hose and extinguish the fire. The mock fire changes colour which gives the real feel to kids that they put out the fire. 

This playset teaches kids fire safety tips. They also learn how to work efficiently in such an emergency. It is learning with fun type of toy for kids. 

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