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Spongebob Camper Van Car Playset Toy

Spongebob Camper Van Car Playset Toy

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Spongebob Squarepants Camper Van Car Playset Toy

Buy online from India spongebob toy vehicle camper van for kids. This lovely yellow camper van has all minute details like a real car. This van is friction powered. The playset includes Spongebob and Patrick action figures. The windows, doors and roof is open able. The side mirrors are flexible. The van includes bed, washroom, dinner table and all fun stuff for kids to play. The van also has storage space that can be opened from sides. It has a fold able table and two chairs. The storage also includes a wonderful canopy. Let Spongebob and Patrick rest on the chairs and have lunch under canopy. The roof has a suitcase over it. The roof has a glass window that can be opened. Entire roof can be removed by sliding. The interior washroom has a sliding door. The back of the camper van has cute ladders. Let Spongebob climb over the room and bring the luggage bag down. All in all a great toy for full fun time. It's a must buy type of toy.

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