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Peppa Pig Picnic Tea Set In Hamper

Peppa Pig Picnic Tea Set In Hamper

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Peppa Pig Picnic Tea Set In Hamper Playset Toy

Buy this wonderful Peppa Pig activity toy set for little boys and girls from India online. This playset is basically a tea set for picnic with peppa pig theme. Let kids be active arranging picnic and creating tea party there. This playset includes a hamper to carry entire tea set. Kids can play with it and then pack it back to store well. They can easily carry it to the park too. This set includes picnic mat, tea pot, four mugs, spoons and a sugar bowl. Let kids pretend as if they are on party and create wonderful stories. This set improves their creativity and social skills. A great fun toy for little kids who like kitchen toys and pretend play.

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