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Hexbug Nano Hive Habitat Set Cool Toy

Hexbug Nano Hive Habitat Set Cool Toy

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Hexbug Nano Hive Habitat Playset Cool Toy

Buy this mini robot hexbug nano set from India online. It 's a scientific toy as the nano bug can flip itself if it goes legs up. It changes its path, if it finds some obstruction. The hexbug set is with hive design. Slide both sides to open up the toy. Nano bug requires AG13 battery. Bug can be made active, by setting it on from the bottom side. Once active, nano bug moves like a real insect. This playset comes with two levels. So the nano bug will move up and down. The ramp would take the bug up. Once it covers the ramp, the bug will move down. The playset has lot of pegs, movable doors, rotating spiral and a see saw. All these can be placed randomly on the playset floor at holes provided. This would create an interesting path for bug to move. Kids can watch out how the bug determines its path on getting blocked by some peg. The movable doors would open up for bug, if it hits the door. The spinning spiral would rotate on nano's encounter. The see saw adds to the fun. You can pack the set keeping these accessories at the same points where you fixed it. Any time your kid is bored, he can change the points for pegs and doors for more fun. You can connect this playset with other hexbug sets. The doors at base can be closed to avoid bug moving out of this set. If you have attached other playset with this, you can always keep the doors open to allow the nano bugs move to the other set. If you have other nano bugs, you can make this playset more interesting. Great toy for technology freak kids !!!

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