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Fisher Price Thomas And Friends Spooky Tracks Train Set

Fisher Price Thomas And Friends Spooky Tracks Train Set

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Fisher Price Thomas And Friends Spooky Tracks Train Set Toy

Buy from India this thomas the train set with long tracks and other fun features for kids of age three plus. The toy requires battery as thomas is motorized railway with wagon. The thomas engine can be kept free or attached to the wagon that comes with this set. Thomas and Friends fans get a huge toy set of good quality. There are a number of train tracks. There's a den with dinosaur door that flips, The tracks are given number at the back. The instruction leaflet shows the sequence of tracks for arrangement. Kids can look into it and assemble the tracks. The tracks are not just flat on the floor but instead they take the train upside down and then back up. The spooky looking station drops the tree when the train passes from that place. Thus creating a scary dangerous path. One track just moves down as the thomas train passes over it and then connects to the other track. When thomas train reaches down, again it flips that tilted track back to the original position so as to create the gap once more. This makes the great fun scene for kids as they watch thomas moving on the spooky tracks. This playset is huge with colorful fun accessories. Kids would enjoy playing with it. This would improve their hand eye coordination, motor skills and keep them active. Fisher price suggests this toy for kids of age three plus. But we think even younger kids would enjoy just watching the thomas train move on these fun tracks. Assembling is a bit difficult even for some kids of age three plus. So this is a good toy for kids elder to them as they can assemble the toy easily. 

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