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Peppa Pig Fun Phonics Educational Toy For Kids

Peppa Pig Fun Phonics Educational Toy For Kids

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Peppa Pig Fun Phonics Educational Toy For Kids 3 Years Old 

Buy online from India this learning toy with audio for 3 plus years kids. This playset has eight different features teaching kids phonics, sounds relevant to images on buttons and a lot.  All 26 alphabets are present on the keys with different relevant images. The learning feature can be changed with the pointer above that can be rotated. There's a repeat button for easy use. This toy requires three AA batteries. Enable app feature and allow kid to press a button. The audio will say what's the image on that button. Like this is the orange, or a ball and so on. Second feature is about phonics. Kids will learn sound as in what word. Ff as in fish, Mm as in monkey. Third feature is that audio asks the child to find the button. Like find the lamp. Kid has to find lamp button and press it. Same way fourth, fifth and remaining features asks the kid to press correct key as per the question. It is a very interactive and fun learning educational toy.

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