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Steering Wheel Cell Phone Holder

Steering Wheel Cell Phone Holder

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This mobile phone socket is for car steering wheel. Mount your mobile phone (also iPhone 6 Plus) with this holder stand even on bicycle. Buy online from India.

While you drive your car, you no longer need to worry about your cell phone as this holder is perfect. This is a good quality stand with flexible size adjustment to fit your mobile phone. This socket holder supports almost all mobile phones as you can vary the size easily. iPhone 6 plus can also be mounted with this stand. This stand can also be used for bicycle.

Pull the tap out on back slightly to separate top and bottom parts. Insert your phone between those parts. Squeeze the top and bottom parts together until your phone is held securely between the elastic suspensions. Make sure that mobile phone is held securely in the clip. Pull the elastic strap around the steering wheel and secure it to the top post. Make sure the elastic strap is secure on the steering wheel or bicycle handle ( whichever applicable ) and this top post. 

This mound has soft leather pillow to protect your car steering wheel surface or handle surface for bicycle from impressions or scratches. When not in use, secure the elastic strap to the back post for storage or travel. 

This is a great product for travel and important car accessory. You can focus on driving well, as you don't need to worry about holding your cell phone. It is a must buy product.

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