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Baby Alive Yummy Treat Doll Toy

Baby Alive Yummy Treat Doll Toy

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Baby Alive Yummy Treat Baby Doll Toy

Buy online from India this lovely baby alive doll toy for girls. This blonde adorable doll has got ice cream cone that she actually comes alive to eat as this little doll brings her tongue out. Your little kids would be amazed to see this doll actually working like any alive little girl who eats her ice cream. Girls can pretend play and create their stories. This baby alive yummy treat doll helps develop role play and social skills of your kids. Cookies are included in this set too. So the kids can pretend to feed the doll with cookies and ice cream. Kids hold the cookies and ice cream near her mouth and the doll really licks it. This does not create any mess that you need to clean up later. Kids can have fun feeling like a real little mommy feeding a kid with ice cream and cookies with this alive yummy treat doll. Your little girl can rock the doll and use her creativity to make the doll happy. Kids can play with this doll like a real little kid.

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