Plastic Velcro Vegetables Cutting Toys


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Plastic Velcro Sliceable Realistic Vegetables Cutting Toys For Kids Education And Pretend Play

Buy online from India these fruits and vegetables toys for cutting as kitchen pretend play for girls. Keep your kids active with this pretend play activity to cut real looking plastic toy fruits and veg. Help them learn fruit names with fun as they can practically do something with these toy fruits. Let them cut and serve fruits and again join them to begin the activity from start. Fun educational toy playset for kids. Let them learn to play with plastic knife and chopping board. The set has cute plastic basket to organize the fruits and vegetables. The velcro holds both the parts of each fruit or vegetable. The fruits and veggies can be sliced off from there. This toy teaches fruits and vegetables names. It helps them develop hand eye coordination and motor skills. Nutrition chart enables kids to learn about their nutritional values. Kids get familiar to the concept of nutrition requirement. 


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