Trash Wheels Pack Burger Flip Out Playset Toy


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Buy online from India Trash Wheels Toys. This playset is trash pack burger flip out set with two cute freewheeling cars. There are three spots for fun activity. Kids like this playset as it has features that flip the car and create action stunts. This playset can be connected to other trash wheel playsets like Gas N Go and Crushing Junk Yard. This playset is great activity toy for five year old children. When the car is placed on slanting road, it stops at the little burger joint. Kids would press the burger and see the car move down the road and finally slide down the green road. The car would fall in the area marked with black and yellow when pressed there, as it’s the damaged road. Again press the broken slide and the car would flip and create stunt. Great fun to play !!! The other grey sliding part can be pressed to bounce and flip the car. Kids need to assemble this playset before playing. Thus it improves their cognition. This toy car set has a lot of fun and keeps kids active for hours together. The little cars are really cute and colorful.


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