Peppa Pig Once Upon A Time Pumpkin Carriage Toy


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Online Buy Kids Imported Toys Peppa Pig Once Upon A Time Pumpkin Carriage By based in India. This peppa pig pumpkin carriage is a fun toy for kids with peppa pig figurine. The toy is a pumpkin shaped carriage with seats for little characters to occupy their place. In this set you just get peppa pig. But you can place your own little toys in other seats !!! 

It is a free moving carriage with spinning seats when you push the carriage. The set is simple yet interesting as it keeps your kid active. The free moving feature allows the kid to move the carriage as per his story line. Moreover, peppa pig being their favourite, they enjoy to play with it more than any other vehicle toy. The top of pumpkin can be opened so that the little characters move in and out easily. Have fun with this cute toy.


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