Peppa Pig Once Upon A Time Enchanting Tower Playset Toy


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Peppa Pig Once Upon A Time Enchanting Tower Playset Toy

Buy online peppa pig tower toy resembling peppa pig house or castle from India. It’s a cute translucent tower in pink colour that little girls would love to play with. Accessories can be packed in the tower, hence can be stored easily. Tower comes with two windows and one rotating door. Two partitions can be fixed to make two storied tower. This would create four rooms in the tower. Peppa Pig Princess action figure is included. One cute pink bed for princess Peppa. There’s a magical mirror that flips to convert poor Peppa Pig to princess Peppa Pig. The ball room steps can be arranged on the ground floor. Peppa Pig princess flag can be hosted on peak of the tower. A pair of balcony can be attached on the side of windows. Kids can make Peppa Pig sleep on the bed. Let Peppa Pig play in the balcony, have fun in the ball room and go to the magical mirror for fun. This is a wonderful tower that is much similar to doll house or castle. Little girls would surely like this playset. Amazing birthday gift for little girls !!!


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