Peppa Pig Theme Park Ice Cream Playset


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Peppa Pig Theme Park Ice Cream Playset Toy For Kids. Buy Online from based in India. This Theme Park playset includes a toy van, peppa pig scooter, peppa pig figurine, table with carousel and a sign. Kids like peppa pig a lot so this can be a great toy for kids to play. They can create their own stories. Vehicles are also great toy for kids. Kids would love to play with peppa pig scooter too. They can have fun ice cream party for little peppa pig. Let the have fun to play with character that they watch on television. They get the real feel to be with their favorite cartoon character. This playset helps kids do activity like serving and sharing as they play distribution of ice cream at counter. Peppa can be seated inside and do the work as per their story line. A great fun time for kids. This would definitely keep your little boys and girls active for hours.


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