Peppa Pig Holiday Sunshine Villa House Playset Toy


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Peppa Pig Holiday Sunshine Villa House Playset Toy

Buy peppa pig toys from India online at This wonderful villa includes Peppa Pig and George action figures. The villa has a bunk bed for Peppa and George. A ladder can be attached to it. On one pillow lies Peppa Pig’s favourite teddy bear. There is a kitchen on the ground floor. It has a grill, oven and a fridge. A table and chair with umbrella is available to rest in the ground. Paddling pool and inflatable also lie in the ground. A sun lounger adds more fun as Peppa Pig and George can play in the paddling pool and then rest on the lounger. A huge bathroom has basin, bath cubicle and shower. Living room is vast with lamp, fan and other background that seems to be seen from window. Stair case can be placed on side for Peppa Pig and George to climb up to their room. Handle can be attached to the villa. This helps to carry the villa from one place to other. All the accessories can be stored well in the house and packed well. This is a cute playset house that is grand with lot of fun activities for kids. Kids get lot of options to spend time with Peppa Pig and George.


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