Peppa Pig Grandad Dog’s Garage Playset Toy


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Peppa Pig Grandad Dog’s Garage Playset Toy

Buy peppa pig playset toys from India online here at This garage playset is cute set for little boys and girls who like peppa pig cartoon. There’s air pump, petrol pump and car wash water pump in this playset. This set includes Grandad Dog’s and George’s figures. The garage parts are separate. They need to be assembled to make the garage. Thus, it improves your kid’s intelligence and hand eye coordination. Kids like toys that keeps them active. They can pretend play to be a mechanic. One kid would bring a toy car (not included in this set) to the garage. Another would fill up air, clean the car and fill up the fuel. They would have great time working in this mini garage. Action figures are adorable. 


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