Peppa Pig Medic Case Doctor Kit Toy Set For Kids


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Peppa Pig Medic Case Doctor Kit Toy Set For Kids

Buy pretend play doctor playset in Peppa Pig case from India online at Let kids pretend to be doctor or nurse using number of medical instruments and tools in this carry case. Let kids learn caring for people as they pretend curing their pets and toys using these toy tools. This case contains various medical tools in lovely Peppa Pig nurse case. Once kids finish playing, they can store all the instruments back in this medic case well. Let them measure temperature with toy thermometer. Your kid would love to hold stethoscope feeling oneself to be a doctor and treating someone. Kids would try to use otoscope, syringe, tweezers and plastic plaster. Let them use medicine bottle, scissors and mirror as per the case. This playset is perfect for kids who like to be doctors in future. This playset improves their ability to think as they decide what tool to use and how to treat a particular patient. They learn social skills too as they pretend to interact with their patients. Kids would never get bored playing with this Peppa Pig medic doctor kit, as it’s new and fun each time they play.


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