Mobile Phone / Tablet Stand


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Mobile phone stand can be used as tablet stand too. Buy it online from India at This is a two in one screen stand for your mobile or tablet. It is a semi transparent plastic body. This stand is not like a holder that holds tight a mobile. These stands are available is various colors. It is light weight, portable and simple stand. It enables you to watch a video or read some useful content on your tablet or mobile phone without you having to hold it continuously. Now as the usage of mobile and tablet has increased a lot, you need to relax while you do not require to work on screen. You can just view the screen staying relaxed. Moreover, as you use the stand you can keep your desk organised by placing your tablet in the stand. This allows you to set a place for your mobile or tablet so that you don’t have to search it every time you need it. This is a support type of stand that allows mobile or tablet to rest with ease.