Microfiber Glove For Car / Home


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It’s microfiber hand glove mop for car wash or home cleaning. This glove works as mop (when wet) or duster (when dry). This microfiber glove is to clean car. It can be used dry for car cleaning and wet too. Very good for car washing. These gloves needs less water and soap for cleaning the car. It easily absorbs water. Microfiber hand glove attracts dirt and dust. Thus making cleaning easy. It has elastic cuff that fits easily. This car glove does not cause harm to chrome or any surface. It does not cause scratches on surface. This mitt can be used to clean car exterior, interior and glass. You can use it to clean your home showcase glass, items, electronics instruments, screens etc. It is really good product for easy cleaning. It is a good quality product and durable. It is easy to wash too.