Mattel Disney Pixar Toy Cars 2 Siddeley The Spy Jet Transporter


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Mattel Disney Pixar Toy Cars 2 Action Agents Siddeley The Spy Jet Transporter Getaway Vehicle Playset

Buy online from India this toy Finn McMissile with Siddeley the spy jet and other features for kids who love cars and vehicles. Boys particularly will have all adventure from the Cars 2 movie as they play with this playset. Cars 2 movie shows how Finn McMissile escapes at the airport. The playset will allow your kids to recreate that scene. The spy jet transporter resembles the one in the scene of the movie. The spy jet has certain spy features that can are visible when car in launched from the spy jet. The playset includes six luggage carts. There are two car launchers. The car can be launched into Siddeley by the launcher. Imagine how the luggage in the jet will explode. This would open up the pop open roof of the spy jet transporter. The missiles can be placed on both the sides of the jet at wings. Press the button and fire the missiles. Create the fun scenes to hit the luggage or car or any other object. Really fun toy that keeps your kids active. It improves hand eye coordination, creativity and imagination of your kids.





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