Little Mommy Doctor Mommy Talking Doll


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Little Mommy Doctor Mommy Talking Doll

Buy online from India this interactive talking cute little mommy doctor mommy doll for kids pretend play. Little girls would love to pretend as little doll’s doctor mommy. The doll requires three AA batteries and interacts continuously. She expresses how she feels. She suggests the treatment for her. She is fun to play with. The hands and legs are movable. She is able to sit on her own. This playset comes with the interactive doll and a lot of pretend play accessories for kids who like to be doctors. The instruments included are hammer, thermometer, stethoscope, medicine dropper, bandage and syringe that can be stored in medicine suitcase. Kids get a real feel to be doctors as they carry this bag and examine little doll. When the stethoscope is placed on the heart of the doll, the heart shape at the end of stethoscope brightens and heart beats are heard. Same way when the doll has got fever, her forehead lights up. She even tells that she has got fever. The hammer can be used to check her reflexes. She loves to get that done. She giggles when it’s done. It is a full time fun toy.


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