Hello Kitty Cosy Condos Playset Toy


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Hello Kitty Cosy Condos Playset Toy

Buy hello kitty toys from India online at shophlet.com. This is a cute hello kitty play house toy with playground kids toys like slide, swing, revolving roundabout and seesaw. This playset comes with extremely cute hello kitty figurine. Have more fun as you also get two Hello Kitty pet dogs. A lot of other accessories like kettle, food pack and bath soap for these pets. Kids create their own stories as they play with these toys. More excitement as kids don’t just have this much !!! Let them slide the pets by placing them in a carry tub for pets. Place the pet in the tub on the top floor and press the yellow knob. See the pet slide down smoothly. Arrange the pets on seesaw and make them play. Also, swing the pets one by one on the hello kitty shaped swing. This is just not enough to keep your kids super active as there is one more surprise! That is the revolving roundabout at the ground floor. Place the Hello Kitty or any pet over it and rotate the pink button at the base. See Hello Kitty move round and round. Total fun and wonder in this playset. This cute toy playset with lovely figurines is a must have for any little boy or girl. They would love to play with it. This toy helps develop creativity, motor skills and imagination of your kids. They would learn social interaction and friendship. They would like to play outdoors in playground or park imitating these playset characters later.


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