Child Safety Guard For Doors – Set Of 2


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Buy online from India these child safety finger pinch guard protector as door stopper. Hinges won’t fold fully as the guards will stop the door before it closes. Buy this set of 2, child safety finger pinch guard protector for door hinges online from India. This door stopper will not allow hinge to fold completely. Hence it protects your kids finger from pinch. This is soft material so won’t hurt or make noise. It is flexible to fit the door comfortably. We have three different varieties of baby safety finger pinch guard protector. You can now relax without worrying about your toddlers safety as far as home doors are concerned. We also have kids safety cabinet locks. Find them at

Such simple items are value for money. Their real worth is more than we pay, as they keep the kids safe. We can stay assured all time. You don’t risk anything and gain much. These are colourful and cartoon type door guards. So kids would like to see them too. There can be no compromise when it comes to kids. We too, don’t compromise when it comes to quality. This is a quality product at reasonable rates. Also durable. Must buy this item for your home.