Mattel Disney Pixar Toy Cars 2 Action Agents Spy Train


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Mattel Disney Pixar Toy Cars 2 Action Agents Stephenson The Spy Train Transporter Playset

Buy online from India Stephenson Spy Train from cars 2 for boys. Tow Mater toy also comes in this playset. Kids will have great adventure as they create scenes from the movie cars 2. The Stephenson spy train has spy features. It opens up to be converted into a lab with weapon chest and a launcher and stand for Tow Mater. There is another separate launcher for Tow Mater. Launch the Mater on the launcher and press the button on the launcher. Let Mater car move inside the train from back. This will convert the train into lab. You can launch the Tow Mater from side now and it will open up the weapon chest. It’s a great fun activity toy for kids. Secret missiles and spring loaded points make great game for kids. This toy doesn’t require battery and it would keep your child active. 



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